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It's Giving Tuesday and Here is How Your Donation Could Help Those Estranged from Family

See the many ways that Together Estranged supports the #estranged community and how your dollar could take our services to the next level.

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To donate, click here.

As Giving Tuesday approaches, we've set a goal to raise $10,000. Consider the profound impact your donation can have on the lives of those estranged from family. By supporting Together Estranged, you contribute to a network dedicated to fostering healing, understanding, and resilience. Here's how your generous donation can make a tangible difference:

  1. Expanding Support Groups: Your dollar extends the reach of Together Estranged's support groups, providing a lifeline to individuals navigating the complexities of family estrangement. With your support, the organization aims to launch an in-person support group in Boston, offering a tangible, in-the-flesh community for those seeking understanding and connection.

  2. Estranged LGBTQ Support Fund: Your donation can create a safety net for the estranged LGBTQ community, addressing critical needs such as housing and food. This targeted fund ensures that individuals facing multiple layers of societal challenges find the support they need to rebuild their lives. Together Estranged strives to be a beacon of inclusivity and assistance for all.

  3. Critical Positions for Growth: Your Giving Tuesday contribution helps bring onboard vital positions, such as grant writers and website maintenance experts. These roles are instrumental in securing additional resources, fostering sustainability, and ensuring that Together Estranged can continue to evolve and meet the diverse needs of its community. Your support aids in fortifying the infrastructure necessary for the organization to thrive.

Make a Donation Today

By choosing to donate on Giving Tuesday, you become an integral part of the healing journey for countless individuals estranged from their families. Your contribution fuels the expansion of support networks, reaches marginalized communities, and fortifies the organizational backbone needed to sustain this crucial work. Together, we can empower individuals to find strength, connection, and a sense of belonging, offering hope in the face of estrangement.


About Together Estranged

Together Estranged is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support, resources, and a sense of community for individuals navigating estrangement. Through various programs and initiatives, Together Estranged strives to foster understanding, connection, and healing for those experiencing the challenges of estrangement. To learn more, visit

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