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About Together Estranged (TE)

Founded as a formal 501(c)(3) nonprofit in February 2021, Together Estranged was started by Seth Forbes, an LGBTQ+ and autistic individual who became estranged from half of her family at the age of 13 and the other half by her 27th birthday.


TE is the first and only comprehensive estrangement-focused organization in the United States, and is headquartered in Boston, MA.

Together Estranged, Inc. provides free support services to adults estranged from family members, mostly ages 18 and up. Our current priorities are female-identifying individuals, the LGBTQ+ community and BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) individuals. We meet the needs of estranged folx both before they've advanced into full estrangement, during the process and long after as well. We also assist people as they explore which stage of estrangement is best suited for them, how to establish appropriate boundaries, self-care and support and navigating school and estrangement.

As of right now, all of our board members have experienced estrangement to some degree. We pride ourselves on having first-hand experience in estrangement, to best serve the needs of those in our community. We have recently started working with universities to provide support services to students battling estrangement, with plans to expand. 

We are a small but mighty grassroots organization that receives hundreds of requests for volunteer opportunities each year. So far, we've connected with nearly 300 people from around the world via our online virtual meet ups, Private Facebook Support Group and social media platforms.

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Where Together Estranged Serves


TE is an online nonprofit organization, which means that many of our beneficiaries come from all over the world. The universities that Together Estranged works with, however, come from the Boston area. As we are currently in the works of offering support groups with licensed clinicians, our service areas will likely fall into the North England region for mental health provider compliance purposes.

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Together Estranged (TE)'s Approach

Together Estranged (TE) understands that sometimes familial relationships just don't work out, no matter how desperately we want for them to. Family members may be extremely different, abuse may be present - and in some cases, family members may be unwilling to dive into the deep work that's required for healing because they're not at a place in their lives to do so. Rather than trying to force these relationships to work, we believe in empowering people to do what's best for them. If reconciliation is a part of their journey, that's wonderful! But if it's not, we want those who seek our help to know that they're not alone.

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