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Board of Directors

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Our board members are dedicated, passionate professionals who use their professional experience to leverage the services that TE offers its beneficiaries.
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Seth Forbes, MA
President & Executive Director

"Together Estranged speaks to the big elephant in the room - the pervasive family issues that plague our daily lives, and the quest for belonging. In a world that so often punishes those who are authentically themselves, my hope is that TE will serve as a heartfelt reminder that the black sheep can - and will - survive."


Dr. Vanessa Small, MBA, PhD
Vice President

Estrangement is often stigmatized and those who have gone through estrangement feel isolated and alone. I hope to use experience to help TE inspire and motivate others going through estrangement to live their best life. I also want to provide representation, and give back to a largely overlooked community. 

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Angel Cassin, MA

Estranged people need support. That's a given. However, it's often overlooked, both by the person and by wider society. It is the unspoken and often guilt-laden challenge of modern society's view of family. For this reason, my passion and determination lays in the was we can de-stigmatise estrangement so that people see stories and set ups similar to theirs and also so others hear, respect and support them when they share.

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