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Our Company Values

  • Passion - From our board members to our volunteers, we desire to change the world and work hard towards a better future. Estrangement is not a light circumstance, and we never want to underestimate the importance and severity that these situations can cause. Many of the people that onboard with Together Estranged to serve have experienced estrangement personally, and this is purposeful (though not required!) because we want to ensure our passion gives voice to those who've struggled.

  • Excellence - We are always striving to be the best at what we do both as an organization and as individuals. To us, excellence is always a work in progress as we gain new capabilities, adopt more resources, develop new programs and initiatives and more. Together Estranged is the leading voice of estrangement and we do not take that commitment lightly.

  • Diversity - Together Estranged leverages and appreciates individuals' unique backgrounds, experiences and skill sets for optimum growth. In today's climate, there are a lot of companies who claim to embrace diversity yet don't open up spaces where minority groups can feel safe and supported. Being a grassroots nonprofit means that we can make waves in this space through leading by example.

  • Adaptability - Our ability to grow and change with the needs of the organization is of utmost importance to us, because we can't assume that our beneficiaries all - and will always - need the same thing. As times change, and technology is rapidly shifting, new opportunities will arise for us to better serve our beneficiaries and so we keep an open mind to what our community needs the most.

  • Collaboration - We believe that working together yields much greater outcomes than working alone. Nonprofit organizations are known for people coming together, and our organization is no different. It's required the collective efforts of many people who genuinely care about supporting those estranged, and to those individuals we are truly thankful. 

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Our mission.

To support and empower those estranged from family, while enhancing social understanding for the de-stigmatization of estrangement.

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