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Together Estranged: Our Commitment to DE&I

Together Estranged has committed to DE&I efforts by actively working towards anti-racism and promoting safe, respectful and inclusive environments for staff, volunteers and beneficiaries without regard to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, family status, ability status, sex, gender expression, veteran status or any other identifying factors protected by law.

What We Commit To


  • Anti-racism requires collective action, and does not rest solely on one individual. We regularly visit our practices and open discussions for all stakeholders to determine if what we're doing speaks to diversity and inclusion.

  • As a relatively new organization, we recognize the power and impact that we have on both our immediate community and other organizations which we may inspire along the way. This means that we must actively engage in anti-racist behaviors and communicate the work we're doing to promote DE&I, so that we can influence others to build inclusive organizations as well.

  • Being anti-racist means that we are proactive about serving and creating safe spaces for Black people to express their own ideas and challenges as it relates to estrangement, programming, leadership and more. As our organization grows, we will continue to find ways to support the BIPOC community.

  • We recognize that we are still learning how to engage in DE&I efforts, and thus will always have room to grow. Our commitment is to make this a regular conversation rather than a once-a-year discussion, so that we can implement best-practices year round.

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