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Together Estranged Announces the Togetherness Series: A Month-Long Event Focused on Community

For the estranged community, the holidays can be full of despair. Together Estranged, a nonprofit based out of Boston, MA, is working to change that with the Togetherness Series.

Calendar of events for the Togetherness Series
Calendar of events for the Togetherness Series

Boston, MA - Together Estranged, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals experiencing estrangement, is thrilled to unveil The Togetherness Series, a comprehensive and interactive program designed to provide connection, information, and support during the challenging holiday season. This series of events will run from November 24th to December 23rd, 2023.

The Togetherness Series features a diverse lineup of sessions, including improvisation, somatic experiencing, mental health discussions, and insights into the lived experience of estrangement. These events aim to address the unique needs of individuals navigating estrangement during a time that can be particularly isolating.

To enhance the series, Together Estranged has collaborated with esteemed speakers and authors such as Whitney Goodman and Harriet Brown to offer four engaging events, complemented by the organization's ongoing monthly peer-to-peer online support group.

Event Highlights of the Togetherness Series:

1. Authentic Connection Through Improvisation

  • Date and Time: Friday, November 24th at 1 p.m EST (10 a.m PST, 6 p.m GMT)

  • Host: Diana DePasquale, Improvisational Facilitator

  • Description: Join this session to experience authentic connection and gain valuable conflict resolution skills. Limited spaces available. Register here.

2. Monthly Peer-to-Peer Online Support Group

  • Date and Time: Saturday, November 25th 2 p.m EST (11 a.m PST, 7 p.m GMT)

  • Hosts: Thomas and Erin

  • Description: Our volunteer moderators will facilitate the monthly support group for open discussions and shared experiences. Click here to see when registration opens.

3. Audience Informal Discussion with Harriet Brown, Seth Forbes, and Angel Cassin

  • Date and Time: Saturday, December 2nd at 12 p.m EST (9 a.m PST, 5 p.m GMT)

  • Description: Engage in a thought-provoking panel discussion on estrangement topics with renowned author and journalist Harriet Brown, Together Estranged (TE)'s founder Seth Forbes, and board member Angel Cassin. Register here.

4. Somatic Experiencing Session with Alessandra Spagnoli

  • Date and Time: Saturday, December 9th at 12 p.m EST (9 a.m PST, 5 p.m GMT)

  • Host: Alessandra Spagnoli, Somatic Therapy Practitioner

  • Description: Explore somatic experiencing techniques in this intimate session focusing on self-soothing and body awareness. Limited spaces available. Register here.

5. Mental Health Q&A with Whitney Goodman

  • Date and Time: Saturday, December 16th at 1 p.m EST (10 a.m PST, 6 p.m GMT)

  • Host: Whitney Goodman, Psychotherapist

  • Description: Submit your questions on estrangement, coping, and mental health for this engaging Q&A session. Register here.

6. Holiday Survival Tips - Monthly Peer-to-Peer Support Group

  • Date and Time: Saturday, December 23rd at 2 p.m EST (11 a.m PST, 7 p.m GMT)

  • Hosts: Thomas and Erin

  • Description: Join our final support group of the year for discussions on surviving the holidays while navigating estrangement. Join here to see when registration opens.

In addition to the insightful sessions, attendees have the chance to win incredible prizes through a grand "lottery" and in-session draws.

Photo of a woman in a suite with a black background.
Seth Forbes, Executive Director of Together Estranged

"We recognize the holiday season can be a challenging time for those experiencing estrangement. The Togetherness Series is our response to the need for connection and understanding, offering a range of tailored sessions to suit various interactional styles."

To register for events and stay updated on The Togetherness Series, please visit Together Estranged social media channels and website.

About Together Estranged

Together Estranged is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support, resources, and a sense of community for individuals navigating estrangement. Through various programs and initiatives, Together Estranged strives to foster understanding, connection, and healing for those experiencing the challenges of estrangement.

For media inquiries, please contact: Seth Forbes, Executive Director at

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  • Twitter: @TE_nonprofit

  • Instagram: @together_estranged

Together Estranged - Bringing Together Those Experiencing Estrangement for a More Connected Tomorrow.

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