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our LGBTQ community

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Respecting your journey. Empowering you along the way.Our mission is to support and empower those estranged from family. We empower people who've lost family relationships due to childhood trauma, abuse, lack of acceptance for being LGBTQ+ and more, promoting their strength and inner healing.

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Latest news.

Together Estranged raises its first Estranged LGBTQ+ Student scholarship fund!
Over $1,000 was raised by local community members to offer students access to books, school supplies, rent payments, food, and more.

October, 2022

Nonprofit Together Estranged partners with BetterHelp to offer free 6-month therapy sessions for people in the estranged community.
Over the next few months, Together Estranged will be providing opportunities for folks to sign up and receive therapy sessions - a much needed resource that will aid in mental health and wellbeing.

October, 2022

Nonprofit Together Estranged receives $2,000 in grant funding by Walmart
Grant funding will go towards quality of life programming, such as for online support groups.

October, 2022

Nonprofit Together Estranged receives $5,000 in grant funding by the Boston Equality Fund
Amount awarded will go towards the organization's programming and operational expenses, which include advertising, web hosting, administrative responsibilities and other crucial costs.
July, 2022

Together Estranged is awarded $3,000 by Boston University's Learn More Grant
The 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization will be partnering with the Sexual Assault Response Prevention Team (SARP) and the Queer Activist Collective at BU to provide semester-long in-person support programming for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC undergraduate and graduate students who are estranged from family members.
May, 2022 

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