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We are aiming to raise funds that will enable us to:

  1. Run more support services, such as in-person groups

  2. Re-establishing scholarship fund

  3. Deliver our existing offering in a consistent and effective manner

  4. Avail of greater financial security from a paid grant writer

  5. Work towards our mission of reducing the stigma of estrangement in society.

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Gather & Give


Each month, a dedicated group of 5 volunteer ambassadors will host intimate gatherings at their homes, college campuses, coffee shops, or other welcoming venues. These events are designed to:

  1. Celebrate Chosen Family: Honor and appreciate those who have become like family, acknowledging their vital role in providing support and creating a sense of belonging.

  2. Foster Connection: Bring people together to share their stories, speak their truths, and celebrate the relationships that have made their lives brighter.

  3. Support Mental Health: Raise awareness and funds to support the mental health and wellness of those affected by family estrangement, ensuring they have access to the resources and support they need.


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