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is how much we've raised

( and we need your help to keep going!)

Thank You to Our Amazing Donors

Anetra Rambudhan-Kura
Angel Cassin
Ann Vito
Beth Davidson
Carly Kinch
Caroline Cruise
Chloee Scalia
Christine Giampietro
Christopher Robinson
David O'Hara
Dru Forbes
Francine Small
Hooman Vakil
Jen Ann

Johnathan Andrews
Justin Ferris
Karen Mehan
Karin Sullivan
Karlita Small
Katherine Foley Fair
Kerri Cullen
Kim Barnes
Lisa Potchen
Lynn Short
Machelle Leedy
Maria Kulinsky
Marisa Morgan

Matthew McGeough
Michael Doherty 
Mickey Fitch
Neesha Ghadiali
Onilee Wilson
Paul St. Leger
Rae Hines
Sarah Leonard
Shelley Smithson
Susan Schiro
Tracy Braatz
Vanessa Thomas Moricz
Vanessa Small

Wynette Venkersammy

Join the list and help us offer more
services to the estranged community.

Recent Grants Awarded to TE

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"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."
- Aesop

Every dollar donated means that Together Estranged can continue working towards its mission. We are incredibly grateful for every person who sees our work and thinks to themselves, "This organization is making a positive difference in the world."

Thank you!!!

With Your Help, We've:



Offered a sense of community and safe space for over 2000 estranged individuals across the globe



Brought together over 25 volunteers to build content, resources, and information to our beneficiaries



Surveyed nearly 250 estranged people, held focus groups and put together our first research report



Begun collaborating with universities to offer live support groups to estranged LGBTQ+ and BIPOC students



Held 10 mental health related workshops with instructors, therapists and nonprofit leaders 



Spoken as a leading voice on estrangement at the Moving Beyond Family Struggles Summit, with over 3,000 in attendance

We're just getting started - there's so much to do and we need your help to accomplish it. 

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